Saturday, May 30, 2009

Music...Language Of The Soul

A language is a mediam through which we express ourselves. The need to express oneself is so great that probably languages were created.It may not be the only way of expression but is definetely the most used and practised way.Language is made up of words ,sentences phrases to project the required feelings . We talk ..we write but there are times when expressions break the boundaries of language and go beyond...far beyond and that is as we name it -MUSIC. It has such nondefinable, noncomprehendable powers that can take one to the highest realms of one's being...can reach out and touch the soul. It has such unfathomable depth and such miraculous can take one through a journey of pure unadulterated passion. There are so many of the great masters who you just look at perform and you are struck by the intensity of feelings.Music transforms the lyrics. I remember so vividly that when we were school children we would have these TagoreJayantis, NewYear and other such occassions celebrated locally . There would be singers singing Tagore songs and we youngsters would be bored to deathand would never understand how could anyone like forget love such slow songs. Today I am absolutely wonderstruck by the genius named Rabindra Nath Tagore...I fail to understand how can any mortal being possess such depth of understanding of life, God ...our mere presense and express so so beautifully. I feel zapped listening to his songs ...the lyrics the music...unmatched genius he was undoubtedly. His songs always have the power to touch. Another master who is capable of giving goose pimples is A.R. Rahman. This guy exudes passion see him sing and you will understand.
I simply love music but have not been lucky enough to be gifted by a great voice ...I sing because I love to sing and I feel what power music has over me . It gives me a feeling of serenity ,happiness...rejuvination. I really wish I could sing like these great much power they have in their voice ..they bring in love ,humility grief all so purely ...just through music. No wonder I find music to be language of the soul.

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