Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Happy Environment

We read about people having disorders that play havoc in their lives.

How many of us really understand them? Very few..

Actually most of the disorders are some very common negative traits ,that are present in almost each one of us, developing into unmanagable proportions leading to chaos in one's life.

The negative traits could be anger,impulsiveness, greed,jealousyetc .These are very much present in every human being but the ones who have control over them are prevented from a messy life but the unfortunate ones who are unable to balance these emotions are taken for a ride and have to pay very dearly in life.

There are many reasons that why certain people fail to strike a balance between their positive and negative emotions in life and end up with a life like a heavy load truck ,with brake oil leaking while a steep descent.

Without going into the reasons,one thing that is universally accepted by all scientists,psycologists,is that the environment of the people plays a huge role in the outbreak of a disorder. For example say two people with high levels of similar negative traits, would have different types of lives if kept in different environments. The one who grows in a happy environment, will have a very high probability of being able to pass off his life much smoothly than the one thrown in a not so happy environment.

An unhappy environment would be more condusive to the growth of those negatives that would take alarming proportions in life where as a happy environment dampens the negatives ,allowing the positives to rule leading to a less problematic life.

This may seem to be known to most of us but very few practise the same.

Being negative about anything would lead to negative reactions resulting to a not so happy environment.

That does not mean we accept negativity, all we need to do is to react sensibly.Our sole aim should be to try to be happy in all situations, at the same time ,trying to better self that would then lead to growth and development of oneself ,always maintaining a pleasant and happy aura around where others would be comfortable and relaxed,where they would want to be in any frame of mind.
Being happy in the Present is essential . It is not wise to delay it for the Future for we have the Present ...could anyone get hold of Future?
So it is always wiser to take care of our Present in the best of our capabilities and then guess what...
the future should never trouble us.
So be happy NOW for that is all that we can be sure of.
You may just be very pleasantly surprised at the most unexpected times to realise the far reach and extent of the Happiness of 'Now' and needless to point out the other side of the coin....unfortunately that is what is so visible all around and we find people so desparately grappling for answers that elude them and drive them crazy.
Be Happy and build a Happy Environment for all around you ...far and near and do they not say what you give comes around????????

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Do You Measure Your Life

We all get gifts on various occassions in life. We get them as expressions of joy, appreciation celebration,love etc. Each of these gifts evoke different responses from us. These responses decide our treatment to the gifts..
We are gifted LIFE.
What we do with it, is our personal choice and this choice is the direct transformation of how precious is this gift to us.
We hear the typical 'wants from life'.
We hear 'life has been unfair to me'...'life is so cruel'...bla...bla....bla....
We keep talking of the countless things that we did not get from life.We feel unhappy.
What is then the measure of LIFE?
I believe how much we value life truely is the measure of life. Now by value I mean how much we understand and practise the integrated and comprehensive pattern of life rather than having a narrow 'I' approach to it.
My measure for life is how much more I value others than much happier I am to help others ...serve others.In order to be able to do so I would automatically work myself to keep expanding my limits of ability.
When my thinking revolves around the parameters of not hurting my loved ones to even not so loved ones,doing things that bring joy to the people assosiated to me ,directly and indirectly,I would consider myself to be filling my cup of life with the right fill for that would definetely lead to my own happiness.
So the tree of life that starts with a very strong and clear' I' branching off along with the other 'I's as well, keeps growing larger and stronger by day,giving shade to the tired and shelter to the needy has it's roots growing deeper and deeper braving the greater storms in life ...
How big and branched is your tree of life could be the measure for life.

This alone would be my measure for life.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Heavy Petting

It is wonderful to have pets.There are' n 'number of reasons in favour of the fact. You find the reasons . They are-
It is destressing
-you get unconditional love
-you get unconditional acceptance
-they teach you to love
--they make you a better human being
I agree to all of this and so my understanding is that people want pets so that
-they can destress
-they can do what ever they'd want to but still would get love from their pets
-they can be what ever they are...good ,bad, noble ,evil....they d be accepted
-do they really teach us love? I doubt ... they show us how to love but do we learn???
-this is the trickiest....they make you a better human being? A human being who is not ready to give in love...only demands?...Someone who does not care to fit into the desired parameters of right and wrong and still demands acceptance?Someone who does not want to be accountable to his loved ones??
I do not understand how can such a person be termed a good human being?
Having expensive dogs, posing pictures with them and attending pet carnivals do not make a good human being.
It is just flaunting your money in the most insensitive manner.
Am I against pets? Good God NO!!!!
I love animals but not only the expensive ones. I love all animals . I care for them and for me caring is understanding them.
My heart breaks to see pets being petted for the pleasure of man alone. They are confined to small flats with no space to be themselves.
Loving animals truely is loving Life itself.
There goes a famous Qn Ans....
why do you talk of loving animals when we do not love man himself...being so ruthless to each other? The ans was that loving animals is working at the roots.
How true...Is love so confusing?
Is not Love
to care for others- you can do that only if you come out of your comfort zones naturally ,willingly.
to be sensitive to others -you can only do that by trying to put yourself in the other's shoes
to put YOU before the I-you can only do that if you accept that YOU as a part of your I
Love is simple.
It is not different for different people.
Love alone has the power to make a person truely happy.
Love alone makes a good strong human being. Only a strong person can Love it loving animals or loving human beings for Love is Life itself.
So for me Heavy Petting stands for one of the so many luxuries in life of man...let us not glorify it with any other reasons.
I wonder if the Heavy Petters pet their own family the same way ....I have not seen anyone doing fact they turn to Heavy Petting because of failed human relationships.
A good Human Being is someone who knows to build relationships and nurture them all along and yes if we want we can learn from the animals the lessons of Love.....