Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Dew drops of Happiness on pretty flowers of Smile,

Have you seen anything prettier while walking mile after mile?

We all keep talking of the Pyramids ,Grand Canyon and the Nile,

But can anything beat the Charisma of a warm, heart-felt Smile?

Monday, May 23, 2011

Que Sera Sera

When I was young ,I asked my mother; what should I be ,will be;

Would I be pretty , will I be chic, that's what my mother said to me.....

Que Sera Sera....

NOW is the time to be...

Live through this moment to see,how pretty and chic you'll be...

Then one day; I asked my mother ,what should I be, will be;

Would I be happy, will I be rich ,that's what my mother said to me...

Que Sera Sera...

What ever will be ,will be,

The future is'nt our's to see ,

Que Sera Sera.

All your life ,remember my daughter,

What ever you want ,you'll be,

What's to be pretty , what's to be rich,

Why should you worry, what to be.

Que Sera Sera..

NOW is the time to be,

Love through this moment to see,

How good and happy you'll be.

I love this life,just like my mother,

Never worrying what'll be ,will be,

Dancing and singing,loving and living,

That's how's my life and it'll be....

Que Sera Sera

What ever will be ,will be

The present is all to see,

Que Sera Sera.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Life is a roller coaster ride. It gives you jerks at the most unexpected of times.We then try to explain them, justify them but rarely try to accept and then react to them.We act on impulse and most of the times keep proving Newton's law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Needless to say the outcome depends on the reaction.So is it not so very important to react wisely? Yes it is.

Imagine being lost in the woods. There would be different reactions from different people. Some would cry, some would scream for help,some would fall prey to the predators,some would perish out of starvation etc etc...mostly all of them would have one thing in common;the fast engulfing fear and what would that lead to? Inactivity of brain or rather inability to think clearly. Very few peoplewould hold on to their faith and thinking power,but the ones who would do, would be the ones who would keep on exploring one way after the other, relentlessly, till they actually find it.

Similarly in life , we need to keep exploring our selves,our hearts. We should keep asking ourselves the purpose of our wants, desires and goals . Then we could set out to find ways to fulfill them, achieve them.The ways need to be constantly evaluated,explored. We would find many ways that may not lead to our destination, but the people who keep on evolving in this process of search start transforming their own lives. The ones who set out with faith in themselves, take the failures as new things learnt ,thus getting enriched in their knowledge leading to clearer paths with clearer vision.Each fall gives them a new bounce. Bigger the fall higher the bounce. And this bounce adds to their courage and strength.Higher the bounce higher they reach in their lives. But most importantly their transformed lives make them a much better and stronger person.

As they say and rightly so , the person who has seen the most failures ,has a higher probability to success for the simple reason that he has done away with more of his share of failures .Actually what differentiates the super achievers from others is, the unmatched number of failures indicating so much higher frequency in putting in efforts and also so many paths experienced hence a substantial increase in knowledge add. In the process the fear to fail disappears and the excitement to dare tread unknown grounds and explore ,takes place. His enriched life has wonderful pads to absorb greater shocks and living becomes so much more meaningful...purposeful.

Then as they say the journey of life itself becomes so much exhillarating ,enriching and rewarding than the destination itself for they have learnt the power of BOUNCE.