Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Maa tu hansti kyun nahin?

माँ  तू  अब  हंसती  क्यों  नहीं ?

प्यार  से  झरझर , खिलखिलाती  वह  छवि ,
मेरी  आँखों  से  मिटती  ही  नहीं। 
प्यार  बरसाती  सारे  दुखों  को  डुबोती ,
तेरी  हँसी  मन  से हटती  ही  नहीं। 
तेरी  हंसी  में  ही  तो  डूबा  हमेशा  सारा  डर ,
ज़िन्दगी  जीना  सीखा  होकर  निडर ,
पर  माँ  आज  तेरा  मायूस  सा  चेहरा 
और  वीरान  ऑंखें ,
कहाँ  डु बो ऊँ  मैं  अपने गम  और अपनी  आहें ?
माँ  क्या  ला  नहीं  सकती  तू  फिर  से वह  हँसी ,
जो  दे  मुझे  सदा  हिम्मत , लाये होठों  पे  हँसी ?

बहती  आँखों  से देख  तब  माँ  बोली ,
तेरी हंसी  में  ही  तो  सदा  मेरी  जान  बसी। 
तेरी  आँखों  में  उमड़ता  विश्वास ,
बनी  मेरी  आस ,
तेरी हँसी  की  चाह  ही  लाती  मेरे  होठों  पर  हँसी ,
पर  विश्वास  को हटा  जहाँ  घुमड़ा  अविश्वास ,
वहीँ  मेरी  हँसी  ने  भी  तोड़ी  अपनी  श्वास। 

प्यार  का  नाम  है  केवल  विश्वास। 
विश्वास बिना प्यार कहाँ ?
और प्यार  नहीं  तो कहाँ  से लाऊँ ,
तेरे  लिए  अपने  होठों  पर  हँसी ?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Days Ten Outings!

'How could you dada? 5 days 10 outings? incredible!' Surya had dozed off on the arm chair. He opened his drowsy eyes to the wide eyes of his kid sister Siya ,who had come home from her hostel to say bye to him.

Surya was leaving country. He was going to the U.S. How often and for how long he had dreamt of the day. He could do so so much there and all of that was happenning now. He had managed to squeeze in about 5 days to visit  his hometown to bid  farewell to his dear ones.

He had been rushing around meeting relatives, cousins ,a few friends who were still there,a couple of his teachers and time had zipped past away.It felt so different after the hustle and bustle of the metro ,where he had been staying for the past year. He felt that he could literally span the whole town by the palm of his hand!

Surya was experiencing strange feelings this time. It was not that he was leaving his place for the first time. He had gone to study, work  but never felt this way. The grass looked so much greener, the flowers so much more bright, the deep blue of the sky almost seemed to  engulf  him .

He so strongly felt the urge to visit his favourite haunts...the beautiful river with sunbeams dancing on the water ,the quaint little temple on the hill top with the old amma- the care taker,who always spoke so softly to him , the little forest where peacocks roamed around freely ,the old Banyan tree with it's innumerable branches one of which he would nestle down and read a book for hours....really it was feeling strange this time.Could boundaries matter so much?

Surya smiled at Siya.She looked so beautiful today. Now he understood. He could feel the strong love for this place to where he belonged.He could sense the bonds that he shared with his near ones. It filled his heart with so much joy that he almost choked!. What more could one want ? To have this sense of belonging and love? He could achieve anything now.

This was his home and will always be.And his haunts, his outings would always call out to him ,where ever he 'd be! Surya felt happy now . Much lighter than before. Understanding your feelings always make you feel so much stronger. He glanced at his watch. It was almost time to leave. He got up ,hugged Siya and .went in to meet his parents.

5days 10 outings they were indeed!

Monday, March 11, 2013

WHY The Hell !!!!!!!!!

Indeed! A'' Why'' is important even for Hell. The answer to this word ,sort of clears off the path of our sight. What ever we do or want to do ,is largely dependant on why do we do or may want to do.When ever we ask ourselves this question ,before any action ,the results are sure to be much better than otherwise.The answers  need not be great or correct as per any standards, they need just be honest.This answer becomes our purpose for doing that particular job and takes shape of our belief.

We see mostly people without beliefs. They confuse belief with presumption.Presumpsions are other's thoughts which we pick up and pocket them as our beliefs.They lack our convictions because we have never tried them or tested them . Without validation , thoughts never turn to beliefs.

Belief is something that adds fire to any action.Even if beliefs later turn out to be wrong ,they leave behind  learning because we can correct our own thoughts but in case of presumptions, we cant correct other's.
A person with a belief ,is always open to an exchange of ideas,for the simple reason to validate his own. Agreement reaffirms his convictions and a convincing perspective ,even if it is new and contrary to own's,gives a chance to reshape the belief leading to a progressive mindset.

Belief has the power to attract and hold at least the ones sharing the same but a person who has no answer to any of his whys is always fumbling in the dark.This magic word'' Why'' should be introduced right from the very beginning of the child's upbringing so as he becomes habituated of using this word.Life then would be more of consciousness ,awareness and creation rather than whifting away aimlessly all through our lives when we dont know what hit us or what jack pot did we hit at!

God has made this creation and Man is supposedely the highest in order. We have Brains that distinguishes us from the rest. Let us learn to use it so we get to use it more than what we do now. We use only an insipid fraction of it.


Well each one of us should answer it!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Life Riddles

Q-Which are the three words that work MAGIC in any situation in life?

A-''You are wonderful ''

Q-What is that one thing that will work magic when you are happy, sad or neither ?


Q-What is that one thing that is most painful in any time?


Q-The'' Must'' for a good relationship?

A-'' Trust''

Q-Your best friend?

A-Your spirits

Mating Of Thoughts

''SHARING'' has always been very high on my '' should do '' list.Today I watched a video by TED, that connected the power of sharing to progress of mankind. In fact it proved PROGRESS to be in direct proportion to SHARING!

Sharing is exchange of thoughts. Thoughts are ideas. In the process of exchange ,various new combinations happen and out of many ,some precipitate while some get dissolved or vaporised. Out of the precipitate, some take shape and a few bring revolutions.Varients unthought of ,come to being and as the law goes,only the fittest survives.These are innovations,discoveries that become stepping stones to the progress of Man.

Imagine the scenario when exchange of ideas do not happen. Everyone knows only what he knows and that is the end. No validation ,no evaluation no change no progress. Exchange of thoughts throw away our blinkers ,and open up vistas to as far as our fearless mind dares to go.With no exchange,probably we would still be digging up the roots found in our own part of the world, to satisfy our hunger and roasting the local animals on fire made by flintstones.

And Now?Anything happening in any part of the world can be in the knowledge of anybody else.Variations,variations and variations. Limitless variations.How? Only by exchange of our thoughts.This exchange compliments all the specialists of the required fields and together they contribute to a simple masterpiece of creation.Can any single person claim it's credit? No , it is the cumulative and combined effect of many masters to aid in human progression.

It brings to my mind the picture of countless neurons in our brain ,that together make it the master of human body.Or like the innumerable ovas and the sperms wriggling all around ,out of which only a couple of them unite to form an embryo and the wonder of all wonders ''LIFE'' is created. Since only one of each units are required for the embryo is it that only one of each is formed? No! countless of them are formed continuously out of which, some time, only a couple unite.

Thoughts are like that. The more we express and exchange them freely, chances of them turning to ideas increase and transformation of these ideas. keeps upgrading our lives,de-weeding our minds and making it productive hence meaningful by the day.

I feel SUCCESS and I.Q. may not be the best of friends.Success goes to people who are open to  exchange of thoughts, eager to know,eager to tell.Man progresses when he treats others as equals, for only equals will share and that is when it happens-

Mating of thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

The Soaring Seagull

''Wow! Great ! Superb!what a majestic flight!''
Jonathan looked down at the figure clapping and cheering him.He made some graceful swoops and down he came to the figure all aglow with excitement. He waved and smiled at her,

''Hello friend ...thanks for your cheers. I am Jonathan and you?''
''Aparajita beautiful you fly and you fly so high...I have never seen a sea gull soar so high.''
''Yeah ,that's right ,sea gulls dont soar so high .''

''then how come you?''
''sea gulls dont soar so high because they dont want to''smiled Jonathan
''but they cant fly high ,right?''
''they cant because they dont want ,but I can because I want...simple:)''
''but tell me Aparajita ,you were so joyous to see me fly ,why do you not fly then?''
''Oh , I love to fly...the feel of the strong wind against me drives me crazy and when ever I find some time I fly:)''

''And how high do you fly Aparajita?''
''oh ,to the height that time permits and then I rush back to my clan''
''and why do you fly when you have to rush back?I fly to reach out to my highest and I do not think of the need to rush back ,so I go higher and higher every day finding new horizons that are so much more beautiful than the previous ones''

''But every horizon pushes you to the farther one,in the process you are reaching out to your own self leaving behind who ever you have.Wont that  make you unhappy?
I dont know but Yup I do so.because I prefer knowledge to imagination''
''I think I choose to try out the knowledge that I gain in my life, over spending a lifetime gathering it''
''You know Aparajita, I remember something that I had heard ....aiming high is no way as dangerous as aiming low...'

 ''Hmm...I think Jonathan you want to reach out for your best exclusively and I want to do the same but inclusively. I do not know which of the paths is right but we are and will remain friends because both of us want and value the best ,right?We will keep bumping into each other for sure because seekers for the best are not many ,so fly Jonathan fly,to the greatest of the heights .''

''Yes Aparajita,there are more ways than one in reaching a summit,so all the best to you for your quest for the best. Bye friend till we meet again''

Aparajita watched Jonathan smoothly and gracefully glide up into the white clouds.
She smiled her beautiful happy smile.