Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Cussing ....Being Cool !!!!!!

''Maa Maa what does 'sexy' mean?''rushed in Rahul....Pooja's 8 year old.That was a real googly ...Pooja almost cut her finger with the knife that she was carefully cutting the ladyfingers. Where did Rahul come across THIS word? What company was he keeping?She looked up to the enquiring and expectant look into the eyes of her son. She kept the vegetable tray away and wiping her hands pulled Rahul to her and hugged him planting a kiss on to his red sweaty cheecks.''.Maa ,you havent answered me?'' '' Sexy? it means beautiful ...attractive...very good looking...''Rahul burst out laughing..'' really?then why did Nakul use it forKamala?she is no way beautiful?''Kamala was a middle aged tribal woman who worked in the neighbourhood. Pooja put the glass of milk in Rahul's hands and told him to narrate the whole thing ..exactly how it had happened.Rahul started off saying they were all playing cricket when Kamala passed by and Nakul 2 years older to him,started singing ''sexy sexy sexy tujhe log bole''...looking grinningly at the maid. Answering to Rahul's question about the meaning he seemingly said that he will know of it when he too is a big boy .Pooja then lovingly kissed Rahul and said,''I am so happy that you came to ask me. Nakul gave that answer probably because he too didnt know the meaning ..he would have overheard it from somewhere and was using it just to show off that he was a big boy...but actually he proves to be a foolish boy . You should always be sure of the meanings of the words that go out of your mouth. Find out the meanings from relevant sourcesand then use them. Mostly children do not do so ...they just copy their seniors who also would have done the same sometime and then you are caught in the habit of speaking without being sure of the meaning.and that never reflects well for the person.'' She looked into his eyes and said ,''come to me with any question and I promise to give you the right answer...may be I would not know some answers myself , so then we will look it up together ...right? That is how you will be assured of the correct information which you are entitled to...'' Rahul then asked,''why do all my friends not do the same? why do they not ask their parents ?'' ''Probably the parents forgot to tell them ...assure them ...you can suggest this to your friends...'' Rahul was satisfied...kissed his mother and ran back to play ...with a renewed confidence...with the assured love glowing on his little red face....

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