Thursday, May 28, 2009

Disposal Of Waste

People have started giving importance to waste disposal...the right way ,for the last few years. Before that and in smaller places even now,this matter was not given much thought . People would throw rubbish in the closest quarters . They would be strewn along the streets the corner of the lanes...the stray animals would be scrounging them and it would be a hub of various germs spreading diseases. Then people started getting aware of the problem and started disposing waste in a planned manner...disposal bins were put at places ...they would be kept covered and the urban class started following the practice in a conscious manner for they had understood the benefits of doing so . everyone started valueing hygiene in life much more than before. They do all this for a healthy body...
But what do we do for a healthy mind?Our mind is like a bin...our thoughts also need to be sorted before depositing into our bins ...The confusions ...the problems are thoughts that we generally throw deep inside our bins ...away from all eyes. What happens then? They keep depositing and with time begin to rot....Our lives slowly gets filled with its stench and leads to so much of unhappiness.. Then why cant we throw them out of our bins and fill the bins with beautiful fragrant flowers of our choice? our lives would be so much beautiful....thriving and growing in a beautiful garden of positivities?Every life has its own share of negatives and positives ....why is it that we end up misusing both? The negatives we store and guard so fiercly and the positives we flaunt unashamadely?
I was reading Amitabh Bacchan's blog and in one of his writings he has written that he very closely guards all his problems as much as he can for fear of ..''Jag hasai''...fear of being ridiculed at ...yes he is right if we throw our rubbish at the wrong places we will be ridiculed at ...but that does not mean that we should hoard them .. It could mean that we should learn to throw them at the right places....similarly it would be so much better if we start practising this ...of finding out the right people to throw out our negativity ...our confusions for hoarding them may not do us good in the long run...
Life is beautiful ...wonderful ...but we have to keep doing our share of waste disposal to keep it as beautiful for us ,as it really is...letting it convert to a barren untendedd field would be a sin...won't it?

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  1. nie to discuss over pakoda and garam chai during monsoon. the facts stated are undisputed, but how to apply always.kj verma