Friday, May 29, 2009

The Beautiful Garden

Yesterday I came upon a story I had read in my childhood.I read it again as it was one of the many stories that I love. It was a story of a giant who had a beautiful garden. The garden was full of the prettiest of flowers .It had a beautiful pond with shimmering blue water in it. The giant was very possesive about his garden . He was always worried if anything or anyone would make his garden dirty and so less beautiful. So he strictly put a ban on the entry to the garden..
The children of the neighbourhood would try to have a peep into the garden but were shooed away by the giant . They would want to come and play in the garden but the giant fiercely guarded it . Soon the garden lay deserted. The wind refused to blow through it...the bees and the birds refused to enter it...and even the spring decided against visiting it . The giant got worried for the flowers were dying and there werent any new flowers for there werent bees for pollination ...In no time the garden started to lose it's life....the trees were without flowers. The giant did not know what to do . He then went to the wise old man of the village and told him his problem. The old man listened patiently and then said,''God has made us. He has created this universe . you have been wrong in stopping anybody entering your garden. God is in the smallest of beings. Go and open your garden to everybody ,let them enjoy the beauty of your garden and you will see all your worries gone.'' ''But my garden will be ruined,''cried the giant.The wise old man smiled and said,''what is the point in having something that you value so much that you keep it away from anyone to see? Who is aware of the prettiest of the roses growing in some uninhabitated land? Share what you have and let it give happiness to others will see how all of that comes back to you.''
The giant went back to his garden and in the morning surprised children saw him standing at the gate calling out to everybody to come and play in his garden. Hesitantly the children came .They gave out screams of joy and wonder at the sight of such a beautiful garden. They ran here and there and everywhere admiring the flowers ...the pond ...the trees.The giant's heart filled with pride.From that day the chidren came, the birds came ...the bees came ...the spring came ...the wind blew softly and the garden was filled with joy and beauty.The giant realised that what a fool he had been...his conceitedness was the cause of worry and the unhappiness that he was spreading was only being reflected ....he only needed to spread happiness to get it back......

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