Saturday, October 8, 2011


I was at my dentist's clinic today and after I was done I thanked him for being so patient with me and for answering my questions satisfyingly. He said that he did not mind the questions at all ,in fact liked them for he feels happy to answer the relevant questions correctly. I liked his reply ,for I feel that rarely do people ask right questions to the right people,and to find the right timing is absolutely miraculous.

Generally people ask questions to accuse,to blame to prove a point but very rarely to know, to understand. How wonderfully simple life would be if questions were to be asked to know and they were to be answered to tell,inform, explain.

How common it is to find children satisfying their curious minds from their peer who are equally ignorant ,curious and defensive ,so little wonder then that the answers are twisted,incorrect ,insensible leading to misinformed is like one blind leading the other. You find the same children grown up, but this habit of the wrong choice of knowledge bank remains is like feeling comforted by the idea of finding others in the same predicament....even though it is incorrect ,unreal and illogical!

It is actually a habit ...a habit of sticking to the much as the habit of sticking to the rights.
There would be endless arguments in favour of either...
Who decides the rights and the wrongs?
Why should one need to be right?
Is it not more cool to be wrong AND pretend that you dont care about it?

What we do not apprehend is the power of Habits.If we choose the right ones ,it may be less cool but in fact it would always be more rewarding and enviable.

The right habits would make difficult things look simple.
Actually we make the wrong choices but habitually we can not own them up,so cant change ,remain weak and defiant and make our own lives difficult.

Wise are the ones who choose their knowledge banks correctly.They are the ones who know who to turn to for what . Unfortunately wise are pretty rare to find for wisdom is not all about how big a pay packet you are getting home now,it is more about how big , strong and correct is your sounding board and that will ensure a sounder beautiful life where big pay packets are very logical by-products.

Our choices in life indicates the person that we are...a few basic right choices can do wonders in designing our lives.

I wish we are all blessed enough to have the right indicators in life.