Sunday, May 24, 2009

Dignity Of Labour

I had been to a mall yesterday and was sitting at the food court . The table next to our's was occupied by two ladies with their children. As I sat there waiting for my friend who had gone to get us sandwitches,I overheard their conversation. They were discussing someone's marriage being fixed and among other details was the mention of the fact that the girl is lucky for the guy has a fleet of servants in the house and the girl would not need to do anything at all....I immediately remembered a writing of Vinoba Bhave where he has written that how mostly all of us look down upon LABOUR......we see the older they get older they get more and more inactive by choice and so many problems crop up...muscles become weak .Why is labour shunned like this? I dont know why should DOING be inferior to GETTING DONE?
I see it all around in every walk of life...people generally do not find physical labour acceptable....some one would say that doing mundane housework is boring or why spend your time on them when you can do something superior? I do not have a problem to that at all ..what I dont understand is why cant we be willing to do what ever comes our way ...why cant we think of being interested in household chores...tending to our children ourselves....basically we should have an attitude of a do-er all the job should be looked down upon . If we do so we pass it very easily to our children..otherwise it is so normal to hear children ordering around...they grow up believing that they are too great to do their own little jobs ...children going to school with maids carrying their bags is such a normal sight.Why do we do this ? Are we not telling these children that there are others who are supposed to do their jobs...we are looking down at work...I have personally seen that the attitude of being a do-er helps greatly in life. You are always ready to take up challenges are more confident of yourself and you really end up being a lot more productive in what ever you do in any sphere of life. I think we should understand the importance of labour ...physical labour exausts you mentally and physically eat well ...sleep well...your blood circulation is excellent which leads to a much healthier get that glow in your skin and as you end up doing a lot your satisfaction levels also increase....I am not against help at all ..please do not get me should be so that more job can be done not to make me inactive...look at the older they become active by choice and create problems for their ownselves...inactivity makes the muscles weaker by the day...but still I so often hear people waiting for the day when they would do just nothing ...I do not like this idea of doing nothing can dream of the time when he can do something of his choice-but nothing ...that does not sound right...well I very strongly would recommend people glorifying LABOUR for that definetely would lead to healthier lives...

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