Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Religion And Faith

''why do they have to scream like this at the top of their voices Dada, is God deaf?''asked an irritated Abhi to his grandfather. They had come for their usual evening walk in the park close to their house.They would walk , sit ,talk and this was the best time of the day to which both of them looked forward to. Dada carrying his well spent 80 years gracefully and Abhi a young lad of 15 with an exceptionally thinking mind. Abhi always had too many questions to ask but as mostly happenning to many like him, sadly he did not get the right answers. Setting up and living in a world of his own he developed a mind without the gentle guidence that teaches one to balance the facts and imagination. He did not believe in God and hence stayed away from any ritual or practice even remotely related to God. Just now he was nearing the temple just outside the park,where people were doing the evening aarti with all their emotions being vented in clapping to the rhythm ,singing bhajans .

Dada sat on one of the benches along the walking path. Abhi also followed suit. ''does anyone of them really believe in God? what is God?and if God is everywhere why do you have to do all this to invoke him?They are all hypocrites.''Dada said,''Abhi everyone has to find what to believe. If we start off with some faith which is unshakable ...our search becomes easier...because we start off with a direction. Look at this world , imagine this universe did it come to existense? Oh yes I have read so many theories on this and I do not have any reason to disbelieve them. God is probably the term used for the most powerful,unexplainable, immortal existense that is percieved , described , believed differently by different people. .''

''But why do we need to have faith?''
''Because man needs faith on something to act upon as a base-on which they thrive, they grow , they perish and because this existense can never be proven in our worldly terms ,this faith never fails us.''
''Of course it does!Things do not happen as you have wished them to...all your prayers are not answered...are these people out therenot asking for something in their prayers>? so would all their prayers be answered? Definetely not! so What is God doing Dada?and why do we
we need to believe in something that can never be proven?'' asked Abhi.
''Exactly for this is something you do not question.There are many things that happen in life to which you find no answers. So to move on in life , despite those answers, you need a lot of strength. Faith gives you strength because anyone who has faith never expects answers ...he practises total acceptance and that keeps him going in life.People give their own shapes to this faith. They choose to go about it their own ways and that gives them peace. ''

''So Dada what is God to you?''
''God for me is the everpowerful omnipresent creator who keeps looking at us every moment of our day...guiding us....supporting us ...talking to us . ''

''But Dada how do you appease him?''

'' by living and nurturing life to the best of my capabilities...for life is HIS gift to us and I want to value it to the fullest to show my faith and gratitude in Him.I believe that there can be no religion higher than keep trying to better myself so that I can make my life as beautiful as I can in as many ways as I can. love everybody around spread love for beauty can blossom only with love. ''
''But that is not what many do? People kill each other in the name of religion ?''
''That is their call...I do not understand them. I have tried to understand my life on it ...better it and my faith has been constantly strengthened in doing so. I have chosen to believe in doing....slowly but steadily and never let go off love and my faith has presented this world to be so immensely beautiful. I have no reason to question my faith for others practising religion in any other form have brought in so much of ugliness into this world that makes me shudder. ''
''But why do we need to practise rituals?''Abhi asked thoughtfully.
''The rituals are just ways of reminder of this faith.. by practising them we keep on reinforcing them in our hearts rituals which do not lead to fanatism and do not harm anyone are done to keep us stuck to our faith which I feel the need of very much in life.''
It was pretty dark by now. The cold winter evening had suddenly set upon . The duo sharing their thoughts were shaken up by a chilling breeze. Abhi got up ...held out his hand to his Dada ...kissed him on his cheek ,''Dada I love you a lot.'' Dada with love welling up in his eyes said,''I love you a lot too ,Abhi.''
God looked down smilingly on the two walking back home.

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