Sunday, June 7, 2009

I Had Passed

I got a call from my daughter one day asking me if I could help a friend of her's in her project. I was supposed to answer a questionare that she required for the project she was doing. I readily agreed . My daughter then told me that it was a project for a famous brand of Lingerie....Lingerie? What answers was I supposed to give her on this topic? I asked my daughter, exasparated. ''C ool down Mom,she wants to cover different segments of people.'' laughed my daughter and hung up.
Next day Nitika ,my daughter's friend, turned up punctually .After the usual greetings we got down to work!I was a bit skeptical of my knowledge on the subject.She started with her questions and I answered them best to my capabilities . I was wondering at the back of my mind if I would be reflecting my daughter in any way,through my knowledge. She came up with qs. like my perception of the topic. How important was it to me ,how would I connect it to sensuality, to sex,to beauty ,to confidence etc . etc. Then she asked me the difference between being cool and being hot.... She smiled involuntarily at my answer that the first was related to one's attitude where as the latter to one's appearance. Probably she did not expect the answer from me ..a middle class woman ...a mother of a teenager.I was enjoying myself and my apprehensions were shedding off ..I never thought that I could be able to answer all her qs. ...
Well Nikita thanked me and went away. I got a call from my daughter,calling from her hostel at night,''Mom,I never knew you were so cool!Nikita is extremely impressed by your knowledge on the subject. Where did you get to know all this????''

I was relieved. My daughter had passed me . I smiled to myself thinking of the irony of life ...Both the parent as well as the child always underestimate each other's knowledge.

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