Thursday, June 11, 2009

Moral Policing

This is a very strong word and is liked by no one. We keep hearing about rules made and rules broken. Driving and Alcohol, Bars and Dancing girls, Valentine day celebrations,Pub culture,Hooka culture and now the Dress code in colleges. One can go on and on. There are people who come out very strongly against any form of policing flagging the chit of adulthood and why not? When we are adults ..we supposedely know who to vote ..then should we not know what to wear, what to drink ,what to do? Many of us do know do all of these in accordance to the times and surroundings and they do not get into problems,but there are some who do not know to act judiciouslyand through their rash actions harm befalls not to them alone ...other innocents are affected too.

We have one ease traffic , we have traffic signals for smooth driving...but go out late night and rarely would you find people following them ..why because the cop is not there to catch you.We follow it all through the day but only for the fear of being caught and penalized?You glorify breaking rules when no one is there to catch you??

How many adults were following the no alcohol while driving till the time it was made to be a rule and the police got very strict about it? The plea we adults give is that we are great enough to do wrongs but we forget that the youngsters may not be strong enough to act upon sensibly while using the same freedom ..ending up in harming themselves and others. The fear of the authority can only make us stick to doing the right things , not our sense of not what the so called guardians of our society say ...we prove it ourselves. There is a significant decline in drunk driving accidents in the city now....Thanks to this Moral Policing...!!!!!!!!!

So do we advocate Moral Policing? No we adults must try to act to prove that we are adults. We must try to stop the ones who ,by doing wrong force us to be treated like children ,by others. We should educate people of their rights as well as their duties ,practising them ourselves to the T ...Let us show our adulthood rather than crying and begging for it...
We must always remember that we end up getting what we deserve....

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