Monday, June 8, 2009

Racism Bites

I was sitting in a park yesterday evening. Children were playing around . A group of middle school children came and sat on the grass to rest after a heavy game of Football.They were all drenched in perspiration. Suddenly their conversation caught my interest.

'' you know yaar, Ronit , my building friend has a cousin in Australia . He has gone there to study and those people beat them up .''said Ameya with expressions of anger and shock.
''Yes yaar , you keep reading about such shocking can they do this to us?''quipped in Shantanu.
''Lets pick up our sticks ,go and beat the hell out of them ..''bursted out Nimesh.
They were my children . They came to me to study.They had not noticed me . I did not want to disturb them slowly walked away .
On my walk back home, their words kept coming back again and again with all their emotions. The horrible fire of hatred that had engulfed the Australians was very disturbing indeed. But was it not practised by us too ,here in our own country? Why would'nt we find people being beaten up even killed for reasons based on belonging to different religion, different caste and now narrowed down to different states?How different was this from what was happenning out there?

All of this disgustingly horrible mindset stemmed out of FEAR...INSECURITY...COMPLEXES...we can not stand anyone better than us . Anyone better who is taking away our places ...instead of rising up to compete with them in a fair manner ,we resolve to the easiest path of hitting out.
With the concept of Globalisation the boundaries have expanded ...they are getting merged with the glue of knowledge , competence. People ,who were nestled safely in their narrow limits are shaking up to this powerful fact where they see peole wanting to stretch their limits endlessly for progressand they find themselves left behind. Instead of shedding off their laziness and jumping into the bandwagon of VASUDHEV KUTUMBAKAM...meaning the world is our family...they resort to cheap gimmicks and evil ideas of hurting people.

Thankfully the number of such negative elements is going down drastically. Progressive people have realised and are accepting the power of Love and the evils of Hatred and have started thinking rationally rather than fanatically. The new President of the supposedly most powerful state in the world is shocking people....pleasantly through his speeches and real mind shifts that show that he believes in the power of Love and Positivity. Let's hope all of us think , understand and choose this new emerging world through all that is positive leaving every bit of negativity from our souls.

Then there will be no hittings, killings in the name of diffences....and this word RACISM will become history.No lad will then need to pick up his stick to go and bash the hell out of anyone....

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