Thursday, June 4, 2009

Chalo Mumbai

We had reached Mumbai!It was the Victoria Terminus....conveniently called V.T. We got off the train carrying our bags. What hustle and bustle ...I had never seen so many people and noises together. We started off to exit the station and shortly my eyes went up and they got fixed...............A sea of people hanging in the could that be possible. My husband looked back to see me transfixed ...he smiled and told me that it was an overbridge for people to go from the East to the West. I stood gaping! So many people ..I d never seen so many together like that before...That was Mumbai's first hello to me.

We had come during the monsoons and we were to stay in the company guest house for some months till we were alloted a house. I woke up the next morning to a heavy rain and howling winds. we had to keep our windows shut ,much to my disappointment ,for I love the open. I stood near the window and looked out. I could not believe my eyes ...A man was sweeping the compound with a broom. Sweeping in that rain? He was clad head to toe in a rain wear and I was thinking about the place I had come from just the previous day , where no one went to work even at the slightest of rough weather ...any change be it rains or cold or even heat . No domestic help would turn up and when they did in a favourable climate d get such looks of exasparations if you shooted off any complaints .....and here the milkman , the sweeper , the house maid ,the dhobi everyone would turn up their way dressed up to brace the weather.No rainy days for bunking just kept going as ever. With time I found this sort of an attitude in every walk of life here. People always ready to adapt to overcome the difficulties thrown out in their ways.People were all the time finding ways how to do things rather than how not to unlike what I had experienced in all the parts of the country that we had been before.
Now after so many years ...through so many experiences of horror ,grief and shock ...where I have seen this city never giving in...never coming to a total halt...always moving ,moving and moving...for the people who are the faces of this city have chosen the attitude of never say die ...they have chosen fearlessness over fear and as everything always being so contageous, there is so much more of the attitude of a do-er than a non do-er.

No wonder who so ever wants to DO. anything in any part of the country....speaks out------Chalo Mumbai....
Would converting all the places of our country would this Mumbai attitude be impossible?
Is anything impossible??Ha ...Ha...Ha..

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