Monday, February 15, 2010

Dadu's story

'' I have to tell you a Dadu's story today'' said Mrs Khanna to her husband while sitting for breakfast. ''Dadu's story? Dadu meant grandfather , so what story has mother to tell now?'' thought Smriti getting ready for work. It was a normal morning where her mother had come back after spending 2 hrs in the park ...walking doing some yoga and also a bit of chatting .

''There is this old man I have been seeing for the past few days ,who comes to the park with an empty pram. Poor thing he has a grandchild whom he has brought for all these years ,bringing him to the park,playing with him and suddenly one day his son has gone away to another country taking his son along. The dadu does not know what to do and has lost his mental balance . He has not been able to give up his routine and now he comes with the empty pram, parks it aside takes his rounds , does his free hand excercises and in about 2 hrs wheels out the empty pram back home. Poor Dadu heart went out to him ..but this is the fate of all dadus ,isnt it? The grandchildren grow up in their hands and walk ahead leaving them alone alone...why do the old people have to be so unfortunate?''stopped Mrs Khanna after this emotional outburst . ''One minute Mom''said Smriti'' how did you get to know the details ? Did you ask the man?''
''How stupid ? How can you ask such things?''said Mimmy
''Then some body who knows him would have told you. right?'' asked Smriti
''Does anyone need to tell this story? Isnt it so obvious Smriti?''
''Hold on Mom..obvious?Do you mean to say that you have gueesed the WHOLE story?''
''I do not understand what you are trying to say Smriti?''
''Mom please ask someone tomorrow about the man and you may just get to know the truth.''
''what truth?''
''Mom there could be so many explanations. He could just be taking the child to some play group or creche or any where just try checking it out please?''
The next morning Mrs Knanna returned from the park with an embaressed look.
''Smriti I waited for some time today and I saw him taking the pram to the adjacent building from where he took a cute boy and wheeled him back home . But tell me how would I know that anything like this could also be the case? I saw him with the empty pram and ...

''and thought about the saddest thing that can happen mom? Why mom could you not think of some happy story?''said Smriti thoughtfully...

why does man always think for ,fear for look for unhappiness and unhappiness alone ? and they look for it so desperately that they get it?
Why do we always even imagine ourselves to be victims of the circumstances...
why do we glorify misfortunes?
why do we only pity ourselves?
Does man not learn in life that he will find what he looks for so if he really looks for happiness he will find it everywhere .
How sad Mrs and Mr Khanna are blessed with a family ...a complete family and still they are writing a Dadu's story....a sad Dadu's story...

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