Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Simple Truth

''Hey Simran your advice did work wonders. I have been able to put a stop to my weight gain,though I have to still shed off quiet a few more but what I am happy about is that I have understood the simple equation that you were discussing the last time that we met some months back.''Said Prateek ,all smiles to Simran.

''what is this that you are talking about?''turned Rohan''do I hear a weight check?''

''I was discussing my crazy working hours and that how it was impossible to continue with the games that I couldnt keep up with any more and then Simran said some very few simple things. I could not follow all of them but I have started with a few and it works. ''said Prateek .

''O.K. you are now a physical trainer or something or what ? Jokes apart can we hear your thoughts on this weight problem issue''Said Divya.

Simran was feeling embarressed but the topic was on and everyone really wanted her to speak.

She mustered all her courage for she knew that she was neither a trained trainor nor a dietician. Still she spoke out her simple thoughts.

Simran started.''These are what I have come to believe through understanding. Any body may or may not agree to them and I am open to any thing contradictory if it is backed by logic .

See it is simple

what ever we eat is digested and is used up for the work that we do ...The unused food gets deposited as fats ..which means to prevent this deposition we need to work more.

When we fail to utilize this unused food we start decreasing our intake. That is fine to some extent but we forget that food provides for many other essentials in our body ,that also get decreased in our body . The natural nutrients can not be substituted by pills...

So then we start work outs ,gyms, and it works ....but only for the time that they are practsed. Now with today's crazy scedules many a days we just cannot go to the gym..then we feel stressed. We move away socially because we do not have time.''

''So is gymming bad?''

''Do we realize that we by our choice work to accumulate fat and then work to get rid of the fat ?''


'' By taking ourselves away from any form of physical work. The fatter we become lesser the time to work for we need more time to work out?Every little job is shunned and done away with. A mind that shuns physical work will always have this problem of weight.''

''Instead if we do not shun physical work and do as much as possible eagerly ,happily and willingly then automatically our movements will change. we will be able to do so many small small things that will bring us happiness ...bring others happiness and more importantly we will be working out through the day naturally not artificially. I see so many young mothers in the gardens with maids carrying their children, their bags and everything ....we also had children but we always carried them ourselves ,tended to all their needs ourselvesalong with the rest of the house work cooking and everything with regular guests here and there. We did that because we never placed mental work above physical . We believed and practised in giving equal importance to both and so with all that physical work we got pleasure , nurtured relationships ,cared for others and never ever felt burdened. In today's times I feel, we need to make efforts to be as close with our families as possible by being there , feeling for them ,doing things for them and once we can get ourselves into the love work mode from the hate work mode our lives will change.We will not enslave our lives with luxuries but would always be strong ,self reliant and raring to go .''

''We must understand and practise Dignity of Labour''

''As for Prateek I had told him the same things like walk when ever you can...ban the lift....avoid home deliveries out for the errands yourself ...thats it ..I m happy that he has understood the concept and that it is working for him...I do not mean to offend anyone by my views ..everyone has the right to their's ...I just expressed mine and all of that I have always practised in my life ...

enough of all this folks come lets have dinner''

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