Monday, February 22, 2010

I before We

Technology is progressing in Leaps and Bounds and Man is being swept off his feet. We are choosing machines over humans in our lives and no wonder we are increasingly getting closer to the former and farther from the later.

No doubt communication has been redifined unbelievably. We have the access to the world. We can reach out to the poles and share our thoughts views and beliefs. Anything and everything seems to be communicable in an instant.We laugh and cry with the world. We are moved at the slightest of misfortune, angry at every injustice, are ready to fight for a global cause-all thanks to technology.I feel happy seeing this mass euphoria that I may call it and many things are put right because of the mass attention. I feel at times that man has evolved or is evolving to our age old mantra of-Vasudev Kutumbkam- but I have certain doubts that I dont find answers to.

Man ,who is evolving to the higher forms of humanity ,by making the world its home ...why is failing to keep his own small home intact and happy? Why are we more into social service leaving our own families to be taken care by such organisations ? How is it that we have widened our sphere of communication to such impressive limits but have not succeeded in nurturing a good healthy communication with our very close ones?How is that our increasing intolerance to our family, friends converting to tolerance for understanding the larger problems of the world?

At times I feel we are playing a very foolish game. By feeding ourselves with larger issues and believing ourselves to be capable and designed to tackle them ,we are losing what we already have. We fail to work on our relationships ,blame them curse them and run away from them . But run away to where and to whom? To the world which is face less and to the people who we do not know. How can our intolerance change to tolerance for others ? It can never. So we keep fooling ourselves in thinking that we are doing great shakes in our lives, talking of big things and rising above the petty bindings.

What happens then? We are lonely , we are stressed and we are unhappy.

So does it mean that we only remain selfish ?

Yes we must be selfish in its purest form . We must be good to ourselves. Please do not forget the word Good. It means being true to oneself. Doing our own jobs to the best of our capabilities. Making our families happy by working and nurturing relationships. We have to work on the I first before we go to the WE .

The more number of people accept this ,understand this and practise this easy and simple funda of life,more beautiful and meaningful Life would become. There would be more joy and happiness instead of the words like stress, nervous breakdown and disappointments.

Let all the I's ,the happy I's very naturally unite to make a happy We.

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