Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Happy Couple ??????

''I have never seen a Happy Couple in my life'' wrote Sonu Nigam , the well known singer,that got published in the papers a few days back.
Do you have happy couples? Or do you have people who may be known to be happy couples?
No one can be happy every moment of his /her life and that does not classify him to be unhappy . We all have happy moments in our lives. People who are aware and work towards it , cherish these moments and try to have more of them ,as a result have more and more such moments in their lives classifying to be happy . Most of the people nurture the not so happy moments and as a result succeed in having the same piled into their lives and they classify to be unhappy .
You always can give and spread what you have-so you can see and feel happiness only if you have it ,want it. When you are only looking for unhappiness or in other words you are not happy with what you have you get unhappiness and the world looks unhappy to you.
Each life has its fair share of ups and downs. We can nurture the goods ,be grateful for what ever we have at the same time trying to better ourselves,instead of cursing the world and victimising self. That does not mean we do not work for more ,it only means we work for more AFTER we accept what we have with gratitude. This acceptance gives us strength to move forward . If we keep on rejecting what we have ,very shortly we will be left with NOTHING .
Accepting ,respecting and nurturing the present has a higher probability of a happy and satisfied future.
The world looks happy and we get to see many happy couples only if we are happy .
Dear Sonu ,with so much talent , achievement,a nice wife ,a cute child you talk of Death and unhappiness. I wish and pray you get the sense to value what all you have instead of throwing away your present happiness in want for MORE.
Yes Death is inevetible but everything seems proper at the right time and talking can not usher in that time for us so it would be better if we could find beauty in LIFE while living and can appreciate Death when it comes.

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