Monday, December 28, 2009

You Before I

We just returned from a trip to Hyderabad. It was a family trip with my not so young parents along. we had a great time together and thankfully both of them coped as well as enjoyed the trip to the fullest. We were there for a week and went around almost all the tourist places. The Ramoji city , Salarjung Museum, Chaar Minar , etc etc.all of them justified to be such popular tourist spots. I liked the city but what won my heart were it's people. I have been to various places in the country but something that set this place apart from the rest is the affection in the heart of it's people. Every where without exception I saw people going out of the way to lend a supportive hand to the elderly . They did this naturally , smilingly and very gently. I saw people holding the hands of my parents while ascending and descending stairs, leaving place for them to sit , giving special entry everywhere.

I have not seen this behaviour anywhere else . I failed to attribute a reason to it. I tried to think of many factors - geographical, cultural climate ,nothing fitted in logically. I shuddered at my thinking with the North South factor also playing in my mind but I did not find a satisfactory answer.

What ever it is I wish we all understand the magical beauty of serving others. This quality brings in love and happiness to the giver as well as the doer. As they say what ever you give comes around multiplied many times. If only for this ,we all learn to always put YOU before the I life will definetely be so much more beautiful.

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