Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Five Days Ten Outings!

'How could you dada? 5 days 10 outings? incredible!' Surya had dozed off on the arm chair. He opened his drowsy eyes to the wide eyes of his kid sister Siya ,who had come home from her hostel to say bye to him.

Surya was leaving country. He was going to the U.S. How often and for how long he had dreamt of the day. He could do so so much there and all of that was happenning now. He had managed to squeeze in about 5 days to visit  his hometown to bid  farewell to his dear ones.

He had been rushing around meeting relatives, cousins ,a few friends who were still there,a couple of his teachers and time had zipped past away.It felt so different after the hustle and bustle of the metro ,where he had been staying for the past year. He felt that he could literally span the whole town by the palm of his hand!

Surya was experiencing strange feelings this time. It was not that he was leaving his place for the first time. He had gone to study, work  but never felt this way. The grass looked so much greener, the flowers so much more bright, the deep blue of the sky almost seemed to  engulf  him .

He so strongly felt the urge to visit his favourite haunts...the beautiful river with sunbeams dancing on the water ,the quaint little temple on the hill top with the old amma- the care taker,who always spoke so softly to him , the little forest where peacocks roamed around freely ,the old Banyan tree with it's innumerable branches one of which he would nestle down and read a book for hours....really it was feeling strange this time.Could boundaries matter so much?

Surya smiled at Siya.She looked so beautiful today. Now he understood. He could feel the strong love for this place to where he belonged.He could sense the bonds that he shared with his near ones. It filled his heart with so much joy that he almost choked!. What more could one want ? To have this sense of belonging and love? He could achieve anything now.

This was his home and will always be.And his haunts, his outings would always call out to him ,where ever he 'd be! Surya felt happy now . Much lighter than before. Understanding your feelings always make you feel so much stronger. He glanced at his watch. It was almost time to leave. He got up ,hugged Siya and .went in to meet his parents.

5days 10 outings they were indeed!