Monday, March 11, 2013

WHY The Hell !!!!!!!!!

Indeed! A'' Why'' is important even for Hell. The answer to this word ,sort of clears off the path of our sight. What ever we do or want to do ,is largely dependant on why do we do or may want to do.When ever we ask ourselves this question ,before any action ,the results are sure to be much better than otherwise.The answers  need not be great or correct as per any standards, they need just be honest.This answer becomes our purpose for doing that particular job and takes shape of our belief.

We see mostly people without beliefs. They confuse belief with presumption.Presumpsions are other's thoughts which we pick up and pocket them as our beliefs.They lack our convictions because we have never tried them or tested them . Without validation , thoughts never turn to beliefs.

Belief is something that adds fire to any action.Even if beliefs later turn out to be wrong ,they leave behind  learning because we can correct our own thoughts but in case of presumptions, we cant correct other's.
A person with a belief ,is always open to an exchange of ideas,for the simple reason to validate his own. Agreement reaffirms his convictions and a convincing perspective ,even if it is new and contrary to own's,gives a chance to reshape the belief leading to a progressive mindset.

Belief has the power to attract and hold at least the ones sharing the same but a person who has no answer to any of his whys is always fumbling in the dark.This magic word'' Why'' should be introduced right from the very beginning of the child's upbringing so as he becomes habituated of using this word.Life then would be more of consciousness ,awareness and creation rather than whifting away aimlessly all through our lives when we dont know what hit us or what jack pot did we hit at!

God has made this creation and Man is supposedely the highest in order. We have Brains that distinguishes us from the rest. Let us learn to use it so we get to use it more than what we do now. We use only an insipid fraction of it.


Well each one of us should answer it!


  1. A slight aside.. but I believe that every action we take in our life is a choice we make. That every moment what we do, who we talk to and what we think is a choice that lies with us. Sometimes we don't consciously realize how deep seeded our beliefs are but that is ultimately what drives us! :)

  2. Thanx Divi...for taking time out to read the blog.I agree with you ,what I meant was a conscious choice..:)

  3. Thanx Divi...for taking time out to read the blog.I agree with you ,what I meant was a conscious choice..:)