Friday, March 1, 2013

The Soaring Seagull

''Wow! Great ! Superb!what a majestic flight!''
Jonathan looked down at the figure clapping and cheering him.He made some graceful swoops and down he came to the figure all aglow with excitement. He waved and smiled at her,

''Hello friend ...thanks for your cheers. I am Jonathan and you?''
''Aparajita beautiful you fly and you fly so high...I have never seen a sea gull soar so high.''
''Yeah ,that's right ,sea gulls dont soar so high .''

''then how come you?''
''sea gulls dont soar so high because they dont want to''smiled Jonathan
''but they cant fly high ,right?''
''they cant because they dont want ,but I can because I want...simple:)''
''but tell me Aparajita ,you were so joyous to see me fly ,why do you not fly then?''
''Oh , I love to fly...the feel of the strong wind against me drives me crazy and when ever I find some time I fly:)''

''And how high do you fly Aparajita?''
''oh ,to the height that time permits and then I rush back to my clan''
''and why do you fly when you have to rush back?I fly to reach out to my highest and I do not think of the need to rush back ,so I go higher and higher every day finding new horizons that are so much more beautiful than the previous ones''

''But every horizon pushes you to the farther one,in the process you are reaching out to your own self leaving behind who ever you have.Wont that  make you unhappy?
I dont know but Yup I do so.because I prefer knowledge to imagination''
''I think I choose to try out the knowledge that I gain in my life, over spending a lifetime gathering it''
''You know Aparajita, I remember something that I had heard ....aiming high is no way as dangerous as aiming low...'

 ''Hmm...I think Jonathan you want to reach out for your best exclusively and I want to do the same but inclusively. I do not know which of the paths is right but we are and will remain friends because both of us want and value the best ,right?We will keep bumping into each other for sure because seekers for the best are not many ,so fly Jonathan fly,to the greatest of the heights .''

''Yes Aparajita,there are more ways than one in reaching a summit,so all the best to you for your quest for the best. Bye friend till we meet again''

Aparajita watched Jonathan smoothly and gracefully glide up into the white clouds.
She smiled her beautiful happy smile.