Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mating Of Thoughts

''SHARING'' has always been very high on my '' should do '' list.Today I watched a video by TED, that connected the power of sharing to progress of mankind. In fact it proved PROGRESS to be in direct proportion to SHARING!

Sharing is exchange of thoughts. Thoughts are ideas. In the process of exchange ,various new combinations happen and out of many ,some precipitate while some get dissolved or vaporised. Out of the precipitate, some take shape and a few bring revolutions.Varients unthought of ,come to being and as the law goes,only the fittest survives.These are innovations,discoveries that become stepping stones to the progress of Man.

Imagine the scenario when exchange of ideas do not happen. Everyone knows only what he knows and that is the end. No validation ,no evaluation no change no progress. Exchange of thoughts throw away our blinkers ,and open up vistas to as far as our fearless mind dares to go.With no exchange,probably we would still be digging up the roots found in our own part of the world, to satisfy our hunger and roasting the local animals on fire made by flintstones.

And Now?Anything happening in any part of the world can be in the knowledge of anybody else.Variations,variations and variations. Limitless variations.How? Only by exchange of our thoughts.This exchange compliments all the specialists of the required fields and together they contribute to a simple masterpiece of creation.Can any single person claim it's credit? No , it is the cumulative and combined effect of many masters to aid in human progression.

It brings to my mind the picture of countless neurons in our brain ,that together make it the master of human body.Or like the innumerable ovas and the sperms wriggling all around ,out of which only a couple of them unite to form an embryo and the wonder of all wonders ''LIFE'' is created. Since only one of each units are required for the embryo is it that only one of each is formed? No! countless of them are formed continuously out of which, some time, only a couple unite.

Thoughts are like that. The more we express and exchange them freely, chances of them turning to ideas increase and transformation of these ideas. keeps upgrading our lives,de-weeding our minds and making it productive hence meaningful by the day.

I feel SUCCESS and I.Q. may not be the best of friends.Success goes to people who are open to  exchange of thoughts, eager to know,eager to tell.Man progresses when he treats others as equals, for only equals will share and that is when it happens-

Mating of thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!

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