Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Three Goddesses

We all know that Parvati has two daughters and two sons naming Lakshmi, Saraswati Ganesha and Kartik. What we do not know is that Parvati actually has three daughters-Saraswati ,Lakshmi and her twin Alakshmi.
We talk of the first two because we like them but we never remember the third because she is not liked by anyone. What we do not keep in mind is that much as we hate her we can not disassosiate her from her twin sibling-Lakshmi..
Both of them exist together and are inseparable.
Lakshmi stands for wealth and prosperity .
Alakshmi stands for anything and everything that is negative-lust,greed,jealousy and all of the same family.
So man craves for Lakshmi,finds ways to get her without ever realising that he gets a package -the inseparable twins together.
Both the sisters manifest themselves in man's life simultaneously ,leaving him in a state of fix - the more he wooes Lakshmi the unhappier he becomes. He fails to understand the reason because he never tries to understand clearly the nature and characteristics of the goddesses that he has been worshipping.
So does that mean Lakshmi is bad?
No way !
She is wonderful!
We must worship her but she has a brilliant sister who we forget. That is our mistake. We must understand her sister Saraswati's virtues.
Saraswati represents Knowledge that leads to Wisdom.
Knowledge is the information accumulated over a period of time through various resources.
Wisdom is learning to assimilate and use that knowledge for our good.
Saraswati is the only one who can teach us the right value and use of her own sister Lakshmi,towards our good.
Saraswati is the only one that can teach us to protect ourselves or rather dodge Alakshmi while enjoying her twin Lakshmi.
If we have Saraswati in our lives Lakshmi is sure to be there ,only in all her glory and purity firmly restraining Alakshmi.
Alas! Without knowing all these three Goddesses completely ,we get carried away by the dazzling Lakshmi and ignoring Saraswati or not giving her the deserving value ,we end up in the clutches of Alakshmi- fighting, hating, killing and dying an unfullfilled unhappy life.
So He Maa Saraswati! Lead us from darkness to light....the light of Wisdom!!!!
Let us bless our youngsters with Wisdom.
We generally bless them with success, wealth,happiness.
Anybody who acquires Wisdom will have all the above mentioned naturally.
So may I wish Wisdom to all?

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