Monday, February 21, 2011

The Off Site

Lord Shiva was sitting with his eyes closed when Goddess Parvati bustled in . As if sensing her presense Shiva opened his eyes and smiled at her.
" Guess who I met today on my walk?''bursted Parvati''Khushi and Santosh!!!! I met them near Mansarovar...and you cant believe what I found them doing?They were meditating!!!!''
''I asked Khushi how could they afford to be there for were they not the most sought after on Earth?''
''We are on an off site''answered Khushi''along with my friend and colleague Santosh.''
''Off site? for what ?''
''To introspect,analyze our fast dwindling presense in the market .We have been told to identify the cause and come up with steps to deal with it. That is what we are doing here ,unsuccessfully so far ,though.''Khushi was really stressed. She pointed out to a far hidden cave where she said Santosh was in deep introspection.
''I don't understand''said an exasperated Parvati''people on earth do not want Khushi and Santosh any more? How can that be possible? I believed they were timeless in demand.'''
Finally getting a chance to speak Shiva said,''This is what you call Globalization. The market now suddenly is flooded with too many products. It is very natural to try those ,thanks to such agressive marketing. When the people try all ,face their effects then slowly they could come back to their old loyalities. Let me also tell you Parvati,our darling daughters have a big role to play in this transition.''
''You blaming our daughters for this? How can you?'' asked an angry Parvati.
''No no , I dont blame them . I said they also have a role to play in it.''smiled Shiva patiently.
''My darling Lakshmi , just say anything''.Spoke the hurt mom.
''You are forgetting the twin? Alakshmi?''asked Shiva?''
''Lets go and eat ,I am famished''said Shiva guiding his confused wife to the table......


  1. wow! u should really write more often!

  2. @anoop...thanks for the appreciation...did I get it right?