Monday, February 21, 2011

Happy Pain

It was a wonderful morning.Bright.sunny,with the air filled with high spirits,collective affinity and a sense of happiness joy and enthusiasm. People cutting across age,religion,gender felt one walking, laughing the Mumbai Marathon. The spectacular myriad of colours presented in the forms of all possible walks of our lives, was amazing. The one thing that was common to all was the feeling of joy . They all ran to express that joy.
It was my first such experience. I was a bit apprehensive about it keeping in mind my physical limitations ,but it was all because of my husband's belief that I also held on to my belief and I actually could do it .
On our way back as we were walking to the station to board a train,we saw a man in his early forties ,may be,limping ahead of us. He was carrying his shoes in his hands and was walking barefooted. While crossing past each other ,we smiled . He smiled back (how beautiful is a warm happy smile...I just cant understand why such a simple precious thing is not so frequently seen!)
I asked him that why was he walking barefeet when the feet were apparently in pain.
He said that he had made some mistake in evaluating his new shoes so had developed a nasty shoe bite....
I smiled and said' Must be paining hell of a lot..could we be of any help?''
He smiled back thanking us for offering help and said,;;Not at all. Yes it is paining quite a bit but it is a HAPPY PAIN.I am feeling so happy after running the marathon that I do not mind this pain.''
I loved the phrase...''Happy Pain''.
Anything that we do ,by choice, for the purpose of joy , can be assosiated with the phrase.
Everything demands a price it is always wiser if we try to be clear and sure of our actions...what ever they are -so that they lead to happiness and what we experience then would be ''Happy Pain''

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