Saturday, September 25, 2010

Love For Life

It was well past midnight. Mostly all her fellow passengers were fast asleep . Lolita generally could not enjoy a sound sleep on a train. She didnt mind it much because she loved looking out at the world passing by so swiftly. As it was dark outside she sat on her berth glancing now and then at any activity happenning in the compartment.
The young man ,from the berth on top of her came down and tucked the sheet gently around his wife ,who was fast asleep on the berth opposite them. Lolita smiled at the warm love on the man's face as he tucked his wife.He turned and met Lolita's eyes and he smiled. She smiled back . Hesitantly he then asked if he could sit on her berth for a while as he was not getting any sleep. Why would she have any objection? She had been watching the couple all day . At her age of seventy, you tend to see all your relations in the people you meet.
She had noticed the wife doing most of the talking of whatever talking took place. The boy was generally quiet.Both spent their time reading or sleeping. Lolita wondered why do people not talk? In today's time when everybody is struggling to manage their different roles in time ,a train journey can do such wonders. One can just talk ,talk and talk. She smiled at her thoughts for all her life she had always been very fond of talking,sharing thoughts ,views.. why should she judge everybody by her parameters?
It is so strange that at times it seems the most natural thing to talk and that exactly happened now. The seventy year old Lolita and the forty year old Anmol just got talking. To her surprise she kept listening to the man who she had seen to be so silent and immersed within self, the whole day. He spoke about his family ,his work and that he and his wife were returning home after a short holiday.
Suddenly Anmol realised that he had been doing a lot of talking so looked embaressed.
''Can I ask you something,if you dont mind?''Lolita said.
''Sure'' pat came his reply.
''I did not find the two of you talking much the whole day . I am very pleasantly surprised at how good you are to converse with. So why this contradictary behaviour?''
''Aunty I think over a period of time both of us have withdrawn ourselves from conversations,unless necessary, to avoid problems.''said Anmol sheepishly.
Lolita was not shocked. She had seen many such people all her life. She felt sad like she always felt looking at people who had given up in life.
She could see the love between these two, it was evident in various actions of both the people but probably like so many around ,they also did not want to live life fully.
To live a full life you need to love life. Only then will you give in your everything to make it fuller and more beautiful.
But Lolita knew that you can not tell others to love life.
Sad ,but even at this age ,with all her share of trifles and tribulations, she is still looking for more colours to paint the canvass of Life for she has not yet come across the reason to stop loving Life.

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