Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Teacher's Day

Teacher's day is celebrated in the memory of the great scholar and teacher the Late Dr. Radhakrishnan.It is a day where we talk about the teachers in our country.We talk about it being a noble profession. We talk about the teachers who are different as they touch the lives of many. The teachers ,it is said ,have the power to shape a nation.
We all have had teachers in our lives and it is for each one of us to claim the role they have played in shaping our lives.We grow up and our children are sent to be shaped up in the hands of people, called'' Teachers.''

Who are these ''teacher's'' for us?
They are -
people who will change our children from what ever we have made them, to the best.

they are magicians who will keep on working at our children,relentlessly,to make them unlearn everything that we keep on feeding our children with relentlessly, in order to teach them the basic pre-requisites to education ,the first of them being-Respecting the teacher.
We teach our children to criticise our teachers for we ourselves ,have no respect for them .

Without respect there is no faith and so no learning.
Teachers are expected to somehow make the children marks churning machines- there is no quest for knowledge.

It is like treating an uneven barren land with more and more chemical fertilizers and pesticides for more and more produce.
Without working on the land,any amount of fertilizer and pesticide will not yield the desired produce-in fact it would cause much far reaching damage than can be thought of.

Then the capabilities of the teachers are questioned. The nobility of the profession is questioned?
Why is it that only the Teachers are supposed to be 'Noble'

Do the teachers not come out of our society itself?
A noble society will have noble people and so noble teachers.

Yes Teachers do have the power to guide the youth , to shape the nation,but only if it starts with the quest to learn on the part of the children and before that the want in the parents to be clear as to what do they want their children to learn?
The parents should want their children to learn goodness. They should want their children to learn to differentiate the right from the wrong ...they should want to learn to shape up their own lives....
There is no age for learning. It is a continous process.

Unfortunately ,at any age , we do not want to learn.
At any age , we believe we know better than what is being taught to us.
This humility of the need to learn is disappearing rapidly from within us and sadly , has swept down to even our children at such formative age.

We feel we do not need to learn so they too believe the same.
We should never let the feeling of knowing too much ,harbour in our minds.
Eager learners always find life beautiful.
To have people who we can trust with knowledge and our welfare ,is one of the greatest boons of life.
Let us all remain eager students for life that will feel warmly protected by our teachers.
Teachers? Any body we respect and trust is our Teacher.
Let us all remember that anything valued by us will only be valuable to us.
Let us value our teachers to add value to our lives.
Then there will be no dearth of teachers like the one being faced today in so many fields in our country.
The western world already has been facing this problem for a long time ,but INDIA ? Dearth of teachers?
A land of knowledge...known for the great teachers for centuries....
Let us stop this downfall and value our Teachers.

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