Friday, December 11, 2009

India, The Land Of Colours

We were at Jaipur to attend a three day conference.It was an international gathering and people from various parts of the world were present. The whole day would go attending seminars, presentations etc and the evenings were the party times. The participants were there with their spouses so it was a big group.
Every evening was a different theme, representing different parts of India. The first evening was Rajasthan. They had the traditional Elephant welcome,the folk songs being sung by the artists,the beautiful Rangolis made here and there,everything looked beautiful.They had those local dances and fire play which really filled the guests with wonder. Specially the people from other nationalities were taking in everything ,eyes wide open.
The next evening was North India ,with potters , snake charmers variety of food and even a Parrot man ,the fortune teller.

The third evening was South Indian,with its typical food, style a nd flavour. All the participants were asked to be traditionally dressed on all days and the whole atmosphere was quite festive. Everyone enjoyed the evenings thoroughly. I asked a few of the guests that what did they like the most and what did they feel was very different from else where.
I was pleasantly surprised by their answers. Uninamously they all said,''COLOURS''. We have never seen so many colours ever before.'' I realised that how strange it is that the things we take for granted are the ones that amaze others. I looked around and yes my eyes took in all the colours dancing around . Colourful lights, colourful dresses ,colourful chairs ,every thing that my eyes chanced upon was a riot of colours. This colour is depicted in our life style through our songs ,dances and even food.
My heart could burst with the swell of pride for my country.
India ,the land of colours . The Incredible India.

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