Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Home Maker

Pramath and Ellango were school day friends.The duo was inseperable,much to their Parent's annoyance. They had sort of similar interests and all they cared was to be with each other. Understandably so for they were teenagers. The phase is characterised by rushing adrenalin leading to hot headedness. Both the boys were very sweet and affectionate but had one basic difference-their family background was completely different. Pramath had a very beautiful family that knew nothing but love where as Ellango was unfortunate to have a complicated family. He was deeply affected by this that reflected in his actions and his studies got terribly affected.

Ellango went through a very troublesome childhood . He could not finish his studies ,left home and started working what ever he could lay his hands on. He had the fighter spirit and lady luck seemed to smile on him and he fell in love with a pretty girl named Smriti. Smriti came into Ellango's life and filled it with love and happiness. She slowly even succeeded to bridge the gap between him and his parents to a large extent. They started communicating,meeting and the family grew. Ellango was what he had never thought to be .a happy family man. Smriti had given back to him his parents,sister and the rest of the family.

Pramath finished his education ,started working and also fell in love with a nice girl namedTrishna. He told his parents about her and they were too happy to fulfill his wish . Pramath and Trishna got married and were blessed by both the families.Both were working and stayed away from their parents.After a year Trishna took up another job and moved to another city. Soon after she demanded a separation from Pramath.They got separated by mutual consent and went their ways.
I know both Pramath and Ellango. I have been knowing them for years. I was very upset for Pramath and on asking the reasons for separation I was told that Trishna wanted space. She did not want inteference. She hated her mother in law for giving suggestions etc etc.
I have been thinking . What did these words actually mean? Is it not possible to have a standard definition for words ?I believe that it takes two to make a relationship. Each one of us has our own set of people whom we love and want in our lives . Marriage should not mean replacement of our relationships. Marriage should bring families closer,should increase thecircumference of the field housing our loved ones not slice them off to possess my partner alone.It is so foolish to do when the more people you love the more are you loved. Is this not a very simple equation? Why is it that girls become unwise and cut off the very strings of love that are holding them ,nurturing them and pampering them, in the name of independance,space and freedom?
Smriti gave her partner what he never had -his family . Trishna wanted to take away what Pramath always had- his family.

Who is happy? Smriti- who is loved more for giving her man his loved ones. Trishna is independant ,free but ALONE.

Smriti is thus The Home Makerand Trishna The Home Breaker.
I pray that girls, in their strive to independance, always remember the meaning,importance and beauty of the place we call HOME.

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