Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Serenity Prayer

''Lord,give me the SERENITY to accept the things that I cannot change;

give me the COURAGE to change the things that I can ;

and give me the WISDOM to know the difference.''

Is the prayer not wonderful?

Is it not so very relevant to our lives?

I love this prayer. I say it everyday.I feel that is these are the most precious things that I can ask from God.

We set out to change things around us to our liking.

We set out to change people around us for our happiness.

Sometimes we also try to change things for their own happiness.

We must understand and remember that it is for each one of us to find happiness so we cannot find it for others.

We still try doing it with the purpose of sparing them pain,but nobody can do so for others...we need to remember that .

It is us,only who can keep ourselves away from pain.

So does it mean that no-one should teach the right from the wrong?

No, we must teach till a certain age and then only when the want to learn is there. The rest of the time we must remember that life is indeed the greatest teacher and each can derive one's knowledge from it depending on how much of a learner we are .

Imposing our thoughts and knowledge does more harm than good. for imposing means applying force and force is always assosiated with unwillingness.
Unwillingness will have unreceptivity so any teaching will not have a positive result.

Each one of us is different from each other so naturally there would be difference in opinion.

It is always wise to develop the tolerance for the have the open mindedness to accept these differences...and not make them personal issues.

Who knows when we realise that there are so many even better views than our own....the views that are more relevant with times ..
All we need to do is to keep saying this prayer with all our humbleness and gratitude so that the Lord grants us what we pray for ...

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