Thursday, August 12, 2010

Home Sweet Home

How familiar is this expression to all of us?How often we say this after a long tiring day?How often we long for it when we are away for long periods of time?How most of our happy memories are assosiated with this word 'Home' ?
Undoubtedely,Home is a word that fills us with a sweet warmth and comfort. An inexpressable joy surges through our heart at the mere thought of it ,while we are away.So how is Home so special? It is basically a nonliving surrounding ,that we choose to make special with life.
Any amount of luxury and splendour alone can not make a Home sweet. It is the love we feel for it ,makes it special.So Home is actually where the heart is.
Something that is so special ,we needto nurture it. We need to give it our love only then can it remain special.Heart thrives on feelings and expressions. If expressions are missing or even lacking, nothing can compensate them.
I speak of this because yesterday I got to know that a Home has broken. The couple has separated. What stood out from the conversation was that the husband felt that the wife did not do anything for the Home. Ofcourse this was just one of the things . The wife never had the time nor the energy after work to tend to and nurture their Home. It is definetely a joint thing but active participation from both is essential.Any one being passive or inactive will have it's toll on the Home.
The other day someone was mentioning that times have changed so fast . Till some years back Homes signified people,their laughter ,their sorrows,their activities ....the Homes looked ALIVE. Now most of the Homes are shut through the day ,to be opened to rest the nights. Housewives did not like the designation and so the term Home-makers that too is getting obselete and so no surprise that minus the home-makers the Homes are also going for a toss.
I do not know if Education is only about being unidimensional. I would feel Good Education would help a person to see things with better clarity and so would make it easier for them to carve their own path to happiness.

Any achievement is desirable,appreciable but Education should help us see the price that we pay for it.In the times that we value are materialistic needs over our emotional ones....where we give ourselves to only acquire rather than GIVE ....Home Sweet Home may just become an expression of the past ...
We want name, fame, big house , even more wealth for what for who? For our own loved ones ? But we do not have the time to give that Love NOW...we only live for the future and in the processs do not even realise when the present slips away from our hands...

Homes will be sweet only if we keep infusing that sweetness regularly with our expressions and actions ...otherwise like Plants die for lack of water ...Homes will also crumble away for lack of nurturance.
I hope our education teaches this to all of us.

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