Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prayer In Need??????

All of us pray in times of Need. Greater the need ,the more we pray.The need drives us to pray.Sometimes we feel our prayers have been answered and we talk of The Benovalent God.The times our prayers are not answered God becomes cruel, heartless and noncomprehensible to us.
Once a storm broke out in the middle of the sea. A ship had to face it's brunt. It was rocking like crazy. Everybody on board got terribly scared and fell on to their knees ,praying to God.Strong pleas , complaints, promises were being made to God crying to be saved . Tears were running down their faces,loud sobs escaped their hearts and the ship was being thrown up and down by the ruthless storm. The messengers of Death were taking their positions to carry away their charges soon. They looked at everyone and suddenly their eyes fell on one person. He was the Captain of the ship and he alone was trying his best to keep the ship in control.There was no panic on his face and with all his concentration he was trying to steerhis ship through that storm.
One of the messengers asked the Captain,''Are you not afraid of the storm?How is it that you are not praying like others to ask God for help?Do you not want to live?''
''Oh yes, I do want to live,''replied the captain''and I love life so very much that I say my prayers everyday. I pray to God asking Him to grant me the strength to face adversities ,whenever they come my way.He has granted me the same with which I am fighting this storm and I will get the ship out of it.''
The captain prayed and prayed in Deed. He had the wisdom to know that the good and the bad that happen in our life are mere translations of our own actions. So it is much wiser to pray to God to give us the sense to understand our actions correctly so that the results do not shock us.
Life is what we make it to be. It is as valuable as we value it to be. People who understand this become eager learners and so they learn.The saying is so very apt that says...
It is but Human, to make mistakes;
It is the foolish ,who keep on repeating their mistakes;
It is the clever ,who learn from their mistakes;
But it is the wise ,who learn from other's mistakes.
We have an ocean of knowledge in the form of life all around us to learn from. It is only up to us how much we truely value life to pick out the pearls of wisdom and string them to beautify our lives or just spend our lives as a sheep of a herd.
The wise will always pray in DEED to sail through in the time of NEED.

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