Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ladakh Magic

I let out a gasp when I saw John Abraham drving through mountains. Could there be a real place like that?I had gone to watch a movie' Paap' with Nishi and returned smitten by the location of the story -Ladakh. I was so overwhelmed by the beautiful locations in the movie that it soon became my Dream location.Dream yes, because honestly I never thought that I could really ever visit the place. It seemed too distant. The pictures remained in my memory.

Our son got married and he and his wife went there for a holiday and he came back with such descriptions that fuelled my wish again.So this summer my husband ,our daughter and myself went for a holiday to Ladakh.

The first glimpse of the mountain peaks from the aircraft was breathtaking. Little did I imagine that it was just the beginning. The landing was so amazing...the wings of the craft seemed huge ,carefully manoeuvering through the jagged mountain tops to sit slowly on to a cute little airspace. Leh looked like a small aangan surrounded by huge mountains from all sides.The magic had begun and we reached our hotel.

The hotel was very pretty ,with such vibrant coloured flowers on it's terrace. The people were very sweet and warm. You just feel that Time is standing still.It is such a different kind of peace that set on me,one that I had never experienced before. Nature has always had the power to move me. I am so easily in awe of Nature. Ladakh just bowled me over neatly. The landscape was overpowering ,the roads felt like unending and leading to almost Heaven if there is one. I just would gape at the mountains, the valleys, the landscape and wonder how very insignificant I was in front of them...I was nothing....I could be swallowed , crushed by any of it without leaving a trace of myself that I happily carry around. There is a network problem so we all were totally cut off from the rest of our so called world.

One more thing that I treasure about the trip apart from the sheer beauty of the place is the time I got to spend with our daughter. Jhumi had been away from home for the past 4 years....those ten days we were just the 3 of us in that magnificient lap of Nature.I got to have so much of her ...we would just talk or sit silently through the beautiful journey all day long. I so so cherish each moment in my heart for I do not know if or when we get so close again. I may sound stupid ,but the lack of modern communication was the supportive reason for phone so we all could just be with each other.

I want to talk about the experience more than describing the place. I have no words to describe it....we travelled to almost all parts of Ladakh...breathtakingly beautiful lakes,snow,river,desert,valley I could go on and on. We passed through a so pretty place name looked like a fairy land...just out of the Grimms' Fairy and green rocks and mountains with the springly river streaming through it just was a fairy land.

For me the place is unearthly and above all very very humbling. It is the only place so far which has had this strange trance over me. Generally when ever I feel happy I start humming ,singing. I was sure of spending a lot of time singing my favourite songs here but I couldnt believe the feeling that much as I tried not a single song could I utter.

I was probably totally speechless in my mind.
This was one new unexpected experience for me.

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