Sunday, August 28, 2011


Yesterday I saw Rakesh getting up from the drawing room and going to the balcony . I knew he had gone there to smoke. He could not fight it any more and had totally failed in quitting it. I , had done what ever I could to help him and now I had accepted my limitations. Rakesh could read my face and asked me to voice my thoughts. I refused to do so and when he asked for the reason I told him that unfortunately by rejecting my extended hand ,he has taken away the right from me to accept his. He just looked at me helplessly and smiled.

I spoke about the incidence at home today so my daughter said that how could I be so harsh and serious about such a thing?I dont understand ,much as I d want to.For me caring, sharing,loving ,understanding all these are synonymes. I understand the inability to share , the helplessness but I assosiate all these to unclarity of thoughts, lack of total faith of being understood,or ones own conflicts and insecurities.

I always have given a face to different words or at least some of them. They are visuals for me. It is so may be because I have given a lot of my mind and heart to understand them and then use them to form an image. May be people do not like to do so , to be so clear with words and expressions....but I do not know any other way of communication. For me life is sacred, beautiful,priceless so I take lots of efforts to give shape to life. I am always ready to go any number of miles for the people who make my life ,so I do not understand what is to be serious or non serious.For me it is only the truth.

I believe that we need very strong relationships as pillars in our lives. The strength is how much we work on them, value them and it does not happen overnight. It is an ongoing process. What ever way it shapes generally does not change diametrically unless we hammer the structure down. So for me there should be betterment and growth in relationships signifying the right amount of work being done on them , anything otherwise should be disturbing.

We are all humans. We tend to err.But we should aim at learning too.This learning is only growing up and Communication proves to be a very effective tool to learning.

Can we describe the warm joyous feel that engulfs us at the times we feel understood?At the time we feel we understand?This is the priceless rewards of learning the so very difficult art of Communication.How beautiful it is to think that you can speak your heart out to the people you love for you believe that they understand you,for they too do the same.

Communication is always a two-way thing. By rejecting the outstretched hand of your loved one you take away the right unknowingly from the same person of holding on to yours at the time of his/her need too. It is either a mutual gain or a mutual loss. That is what I had told Rakesh yesterday.
I do not understand why do people not see the happiness, contentment that are the fruits of Communication.
I wish this art to all my loved ones and also to the not loved short I wish it to all.

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