Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Do You Measure Your Life

We all get gifts on various occassions in life. We get them as expressions of joy, appreciation celebration,love etc. Each of these gifts evoke different responses from us. These responses decide our treatment to the gifts..
We are gifted LIFE.
What we do with it, is our personal choice and this choice is the direct transformation of how precious is this gift to us.
We hear the typical 'wants from life'.
We hear 'life has been unfair to me'...'life is so cruel'...bla...bla....bla....
We keep talking of the countless things that we did not get from life.We feel unhappy.
What is then the measure of LIFE?
I believe how much we value life truely is the measure of life. Now by value I mean how much we understand and practise the integrated and comprehensive pattern of life rather than having a narrow 'I' approach to it.
My measure for life is how much more I value others than me....how much happier I am to help others ...serve others.In order to be able to do so I would automatically work myself to keep expanding my limits of ability.
When my thinking revolves around the parameters of not hurting my loved ones to even not so loved ones,doing things that bring joy to the people assosiated to me ,directly and indirectly,I would consider myself to be filling my cup of life with the right fill for that would definetely lead to my own happiness.
So the tree of life that starts with a very strong and clear' I' branching off along with the other 'I's as well, keeps growing larger and stronger by day,giving shade to the tired and shelter to the needy has it's roots growing deeper and deeper braving the greater storms in life ...
How big and branched is your tree of life could be the measure for life.

This alone would be my measure for life.

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  1. If even one in every 100 people practised this, the world wud be such a beautiful place!