Sunday, July 19, 2009

Happy To Help....

There are some ads that spontaneously , bring a smile on my face. The Vodafone ads...each one of them is so beautiful and simple . Each one of them show the Pug always so eager to help it's master who in turn is shown to be completely expressionless. It could be to contrast the eagerness of the Pug or I wonder if the beauty lies in the representers...the Dog and the Child...I do not know if I d be very pessimist in reading UNCONDITIONAL LOVE through the Pug and the UNCARING BEHAVIOR of the child ,( showing human nature) for I believe that a child possesses many of the pure characters discarded by adults.
All these ads bring in such a feel good factor. We have been reading and learning also to always be helpful towards others ...but why are these things generally not practised? Helping others selflessly show that you think about others ,care for others and that brings so much of satisfaction in ones own self. Helping others strenghthens your personality ...It teaches to rise beyond oneself...overcome inhibitions ...understand others...get an insight into so many things which otherwise is never makes you want to be a helps you widen your horizon.which otherwise remains so narrow and bonds you to people and do we all not want to feel bonded?

This Pug is shown to do such varied things...fetching the ball, helping to get ready for school, running after the school bus to give the forgotten bag, and now the latest ones...helping by holding the pages of a bookand even guarding against the warden of the hostel...All of these are to show that how much the Pug LOVES to help it's master.....many of us do things for others but very few do them happily..and I think that makes the difference. When you do something for others for no other reason but that want to help ..only then the act is really pure and the results are optimum. For then you are not expecting anything in return or you are not doing to prove a point or are doing only because you want to do it and this always reaches to the person you are doing it for. What I see is lots of people do things but most of them do them for so many reasons...compulsion...confusion..anger etc. and hence these actions rarely bring the satisfaction that it is supposed to bring ...both to the person who is doing or for whom it is being done...efforts when do not bring satisfaction exhaust us...where as anything done by choice ...willingly and happily yields a different result altogether...exhausion is less for it is substituted by satisfaction...hence the productivity is much higher.

We must try to think , ponder over the timeless things that we are taught in various ways..make our choices and try to make our life more meaningful than the previous day ...and putting others before me is one of the best ways to achieve that....we will always have the glow of satisfaction on our faces that can not be brought by any other way....we will then be happy and spread happiness too...I d always prefer to be the Pug than the Child of the Vodafone ads......

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