Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stress...The Silent Killer

Each man is a link and an important one at that, to the society he is a part of.I keep hearing of this word-Stress at various levels, from various ages and from uniformly everywhere. I think stress is consequence of a situation where there is a lack of resourses to do the job.Sources could be varied ...could be the person ,his want , his understanding , his capacity,his efforts ,his supports etc...all of which work to get the job accomplished. This unaccomplished job with time gets piled up increasing our problems and then come the excuses , blames and their kin to justify our failures...making us aggressive in protecting our defence.Clinging to this state day in and day out tires our mind and this is what we call stress.All these blames and justifications do not lead us to our desired goal ,infact take us so much away from it increasing our unhappiness and helplessness. Ironically we take to cribbing and self pity and every undesired feeling leading to more and more stress. Why cant we think of Solutions ? we keep ourselves happily stuck with the problems...if only we become solution seekers,the results will be so much better than otherwise. If we understand the responsibilities of self ,we can do a lot better . If each one of us is always aware of his own duty towards his own self keep oneself happy then all these selves together can lead to a much better society. But what we all tend to do is always holding others responsible for our situations . Of course no one can be isolated from his surroundings but h e at least can keep doing his bit even when everyone around has stopped?
Another strange thing that I see is the mix up between our Rights and Responsibilities which also is a chief cause to stress. We have to understand that each one of us is responsible for his own self and that is how it should naturally as we eat ,drink and sleep.Achild should be spoken as to why is he being helped with all his work during his early days ... but he should be told that he has to learn to be responsible for his self..he should know that he has to go to school to learn all his jobs because they are ...his...taking care of his clothes , toys .books ,room table shoes ....everything has to be done by his own self because that should be as natural as anything to do .But do we do that ? No we do our children's jobs...odd things here and there conveying that he has no need to tend to himself .The child should be taught to manage his work , duties ,play, pleasure properly and that he has no option of not accepting his duties. ...the child then learns to optimize himself. Then they dont feel burdened at any point of time because doing their duty becomes a second nature to them . Probably then we may hear a lot less of this contageous word -stress-It makes so much sense in breaking one's head to find solutions to our problems rather than breaking it due to stress...what say????????

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